Specialised recruitment for performance marketing teams.

Our USP is simple. We uniquely know how to find & recruit the best performance marketers because founder James Congdon is a performance marketer himself.

We’re a relatable digital career partner because we know the industry inside out.

WithFrontier specialises in the recruitment for SEO, Digital PR, Paid Search and ecom jobs.

Founder, James Congdon, is a seasoned performance marketer who has occupied a range of in-house and agency roles – from content strategy to technical SEO and creative off-page.

He recently formed part of the management team for award-winning international SEO agency Verve Search, where he played a part in a successful acquisition.

His six year tenure there has provided him with a wealth of experience with building successful marketing teams, and has afforded him a laser-focused insight into the industry that benefits both client and candidate.

His carefully cultivated, extensive network of close contacts can be leveraged for clients looking for the best marketers, and for candidates who are in search of new roles.

His hands-on experience as a performance marketer affords him a unique and intricate understanding of every role, meaning he only delivers the very best and most suitable candidates, and only ever engages marketers with relevant roles.

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Hands-on industry experience

We worked as online marketers for a decade, so we’re able to get under the skin of a recruitment brief to deliver the best and most suitable candidates with ease. Our inside industry knowledge also means that we only engage candidates with the right roles.

Carefully Cultivated Network

We have spent years building a strong network that we leverage for clients and candidates, meaning we have our finger on the pulse of the industry at all times.

Long-term career partner

We have literally worked in the very same roles that we fill for clients and source for candidates. We get the industry: where it has come from, how it has evolved, and how it will continue to grow. This allows us to mentor, coach and work with candidates throughout their careers.

“James’ long tenure as a performance marketer affords him an extensive network of marketers that can be leveraged for both client and candidate. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him”

Gareth Hoyle

CEO and founder at Marketing Signals

“I’ve used many recruitment agencies over the past 2-3 years, specifically, ones that claim to specialise in ‘digital’ or ‘eCommerce’ none of them has come close to the success rate James has had for us. Standard recruitment agencies can’t compete with his experience in the industry as they don’t get the speciality of digital roles and 9/10 the candidates are weak. Not only does James find the right candidates he’s also super easy to communicate with, very fast to reply and doesn’t waste any time in sending candidates through, despite other agencies claiming “it’s a tough market this time of the year”

Sam Hurley

Co-Founder at Novos, SEO agency

“James is the most well-connected recruiter that I have come across. His long digital media career is what sets him apart from others and I would not hesitate to recommend him”

Paul Rogers

Co-founder of Vervaunt

WithFrontier offers something unique when it comes to recruitment within the search space. James knows search and digital PR to a level that means he is able to pre-vet candidates beyond simply polishing their CVs, ensuring candidates are on point. James himself is very well respected and connected within the industry , which means you really are getting a unique, tailored and efficient recruiting service. 11/10 – if Spinal Tap can so can I – will use again.

Malcolm Slade

Director of SEO - Jaywing (Epiphany)

“I have known James for many years. WithFrontier is a unique recruitment offering that is second to none, in that he himself is still firmly embedded into the industry, and therefore has his finger firmly on the pulse to such a degree, that he will always hear of first-rate candidates, the very moment they enter the market.”

Pete Campbell

Founder and CEO - Kaizen Search

“The great thing about working with James is that with really extensive experience in digital marketing, he genuinely knows what you need better than you do because he’s been doing your job better than you have. It’s like having a mentor and recruiter for one simple price”

Simon Wharton

Director of Business Strategy - PushOn

“James is a fantastic recruiter, he is highly knowledgeable and quickly sources the perfect profiles across performance media.  He has a wealth of digital knowledge coupled with a list of untapped contacts across the industry. He has been instrumental in helping me find specialists across paid media and seo at all levels from graduate to Director level.  He is very honest and a delight to work with. For candidates looking for their perfect role, look no further than James – he is completely trustworthy and has your best interests at heart.”

Cath Arnold

Founder and Director of Digital People London

“I haven’t known James very long, just under a year (2019), but very quickly his warm, professional personality enabled us to build up a very strong relationship.  Initially we worked on an internal recruitment project together and James provided excellent candidates, with sufficient information to identify and understand the relevance of the candidate.  Beyond this project we have worked externally together, which has built a trust that is not always available, appropriate or desired in our joint capacity as Recruiters. I look forward to continuing to work with James going forward and know that he will be successful in his future ventures due to his passion for providing a quality service.”

Lesley Smith

Director of LNPN Professional Services Ltd

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