CRM Jobs.

The last few years have seen the birth of new and exciting eCommerce brands and an acceleration in the growth of existing online businesses. This has led to a demand for talented eCommerce CRM specialists with a focus on acquisition, retention/loyalty and even branding.

Founder James Congdon is a former eCommerce-centred digital marketer with a wealth of hands-on experience and an extensive network, offering an unrivalled CRM recruitment service.

Take a look the array of ecommerce focused CRM jobs.


How we work

James helps connect the most exciting, fastest-growing brands around with today’s top eCommerce-focused CRM talent, as well as providing a bridge between his extensive network of eCommerce CRM marketers and the very best email marketing roles, CRM jobs and loyalty-focused opportunities.

Why choose us

James Congdon is a performance marketer himself with a more than a decade of hands on experience in SEO and wider digital marketing. He has worked both agency side and in-house, meaning he has the applied knowledge, extensive network and unique industry insights that other recruiters simply don’t have.