Head of
eCommerce Jobs.

It’s no use formulating an excellent team if there’s no guidance from the top – a strong eCommerce department needs a leader that can be relied on to motivate their team and plan strategies to boost the bottom line.

Filling this kind of role is incredibly important, and that’s where Withfrontier can help. Company owner James Congdon has a wealth of experience in the eCommerce industry dating back to 2011 and knows exactly what to look for when sizing up potential candidates for high-growth brands who are looking to fill Head of Ecommerce roles.

James boasts a fantastic contact book of senior ecommerce marketers and respected companies, providing a bridge between the two to ensure the most talented people are matched with the most suitable eCommerce jobs to ensure the best possible level of performance.


How we work

We start every client engagement with a detailed discovery call to fully understand the requirements. We then tap in to our extensive network of talented performance marketers in order to deliver the strongest, best suited candidates.

James’ 12 years of performance marketing experience means that he only engages candidates with suitable roles.

Why choose us

James Congdon is a performance marketer himself with a more than a decade of hands on experience in SEO and wider digital marketing. He has worked both agency side and in-house, meaning he has the applied knowledge, extensive network and unique industry insights that other recruiters simply don’t have.

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