Success Spotlight: Harriet Stanger

In the world of digital marketing, career journeys can take unexpected turns, leading professionals down exciting paths they might not have imagined. Harriet Stanger, Senior SEO & Digital PR Manager at Lottie, a Later Living Marketplace, embarked on such a journey filled with growth, change, and new challenges. Join us as we delve into Harriet's remarkable career transformation and her experience working with Withfrontier.

From Content Marketing Consultant to Senior SEO & Digital PR Manager at Lottie

The university beginnings

Harriet’s journey began with a strong academic foundation, graduating with a 2:1 in History from the University of Warwick. Armed with her degree and a thirst for new experiences, she entered the realm of marketing through a series of internships during her university days.

Harriet recalls, “I had done a variety of marketing internships during my time at university but wasn’t sure on exactly what I wanted to do.”

The Bupa chapter

It was at Bupa that Harriet’s career truly took shape. Starting in an entry-level position in the Digital Commercial Team for SEO and Content Marketing, she quickly immersed herself in the world of digital marketing. Over six years, Harriet’s dedication and skill set led her to the role of Content Marketing Consultant, a significant leap from her initial role.

“At Bupa, the team were brilliant at helping you expand your skill sets,” Harriet reflects.


A shift in perspective

During her time at Bupa, a significant life event shifted Harriet’s perspective. The birth of her daughter, Nancy, changed not only her priorities but also her outlook on work. The need for flexibility and support as a working parent became paramount.


A leap into the unknown

Harriet’s journey took an exciting turn when she was contacted by James from Withfrontier. Although she wasn’t actively seeking new opportunities, the prospect of something new and challenging intrigued her. James guided her through an exciting opportunity with Lottie, a London-based start-up in elderly care, a world away from the corporate landscape of Bupa.

The Lottie chapter

Harriet joined Lottie in March 2022 as a Digital PR and Content Manager. What drew her to this opportunity was Lottie’s mission to elevate later living, a cause she felt deeply connected to. Lottie aimed to transform the social care sector and ensure every older adult found the right care home for their unique needs.

“The mission – and a new challenge – that attracted me,” Harriet shares.


The Withfrontier experience

Harriet’s experience with Withfrontier was marked by James’s unwavering support. Despite not actively seeking a new role, she found James to be a valuable resource for any questions or queries she had. The transition from her secure and flexible role at Bupa to a new environment felt smooth, thanks to James’s guidance.

Harriet praises James, “James also was on-hand at any opportunity to answer questions, right up to the interview and straight afterwards. He was prompt at delivering feedback from Lottie’s hiring team and supported me at both stages of the interview.”


Recognising strengths

James recognised Harriet’s extensive knowledge of SEO and Digital PR and understood the industry’s demands. He played a pivotal role in boosting her confidence, making her realise the value of her skills and the potential for growth in a managerial and leadership role.

“I had the flexibility I needed there as a working parent,” Harriet acknowledges.


The Lottie journey

At Lottie, Harriet’s journey continued to flourish. She started as a Digital PR and Content Manager but quickly identified opportunities to contribute to the SEO team’s growth while managing content and PR. Under her leadership, Lottie’s organic traffic and brand presence soared.

“I was so pleased to be promoted to Senior SEO and Digital PR Manager in March 2023,” Harriet proudly states.


A boost of confidence

Withfrontier’s support boosted Harriet’s confidence in her abilities, making her a key player in Lottie’s success story.

Harriet emphasises, “James was there to help and support me at every opportunity; from interview to offer.”


Harriet’s advice

Harriet’s advice to other digital marketing professionals echoes her own journey: have the confidence to ask questions, learn continuously, and adapt quickly. Whether you’re starting your career or aiming for a senior role, adaptability and industry knowledge are key.

“Don’t jump at the first opportunity and ensure the role and company are a great fit for you,” Harriet advises. “If you value flexible working or any specific employee benefit, try to stick to opportunities that tick your boxes.”

Harriet’s journey, from Bupa to Lottie, with the guidance of WithFrontier, is a testament to the power of embracing change and seizing opportunities. Her experience showcases the importance of mentorship, confidence, and adaptability in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing.

Harriet concludes her journey with words of praise for James, highlighting his invaluable guidance throughout her recruitment process. If you’re on the lookout for your next career move or simply need advice on entering the marketing world, James is the person to talk to.

If like Harriet you’re on a mission to level-up your career, please get in touch with us to discuss possible roles that may be the perfect fit.