Success Spotlight: Lucy Ajarrista

Meet Lucy Ajarrista, a dual national ecommerce marketer, hailing from both France and Britain. With an impressive career spanning over 6 years in eCommerce and merchandising, Lucy's journey is nothing short of inspiring.

Unlocking Growth: Lucy's Journey to eCommerce Marketing Leadership

Starting in the world of luxury beauty

Lucy’s career began right after her graduation when she landed a position at Harrods as a Trade Administrator in the communication team, specifically in the luxury beauty sector. Her journey was marked by taking products from the physical shelf and making them shine on a digital platform. From getting products live on the website to optimising their placement according to trends and data, Lucy was at the heart of it all, collaborating closely with the marketing teams on various campaigns.


Becoming a digital merchandising maestro

Within a year, she set her sights on Burberry, where she joined the digital merchandising team. Her focus was on the accessories segment, which was the revenue giant for the brand. She spent five years at Burberry, progressing from an assistant to a merchandiser. During her tenure, she managed various departments within the accessories team. Her role wasn’t limited to just eCommerce; she worked across merchandising, marketing, and buying – a testament to her versatile skill set.


The transition to Heal’s

With five years of invaluable experience at Burberry, mainly focused on e-commerce and spanning merchandising, marketing, and buying, Lucy decided to take on a new challenge in the luxury home sector. After working with James over at Withfrontier to find the right next move, she joined Heal’s as a Trade eCommerce Manager, where she now oversees various categories, manages the website, and collaborates with the marketing team on campaigns and strategies.


Withfrontier: The right partner for career growth

What made Lucy’s journey stand out was her experience with Withfrontier, as ex digital marketers, we pride  ourselves on being more than just a matchmaker. James, approached Lucy with a role that perfectly aligned with her aspirations, rather than simply focusing on a commission. She reminisces, “It was the easiest and best experience I have had with a recruiter in all my career, and I can easily say the job he found me is the happiest I have been in a long time.”

For Lucy, James’s approach was a breath of fresh air. His initial communication was non-intrusive, and he was always a good listener. He had sent her previous roles, and as he understood her needs and preferences, he presented her with the right opportunities. Importantly, James stood by Lucy even after she secured the position, checking on her well-being and extending support to her friends in the industry. Lucy shares “With James, you really feel like you are valued and not forgotten and that is quite rare in the recruitment world.”


Professional growth and achievements

Lucy’s new role at Heal’s marked a significant shift, propelling her from a merchandiser to a manager responsible for an entire website and a team of four. Her accomplishments extend beyond management to fostering change within her team. “Teaching and encouraging my team to work differently has been a big accomplishment,” Lucy proudly shares. As a testament to her expertise, she led a highly successful summer sale campaign.


The power of confidence and support

When asked about how her experience with Withfrontier has influenced her career journey, Lucy emphasises the trust and confidence it provided. The partnership with James was instrumental in boosting her confidence to step outside her comfort zone and take on larger roles in her career.


Advice for fellow marketing professionals

Lucy offers some valuable advice to fellow professionals seeking career advancements through recruitment agencies: “Don’t rush it. The right job will come. It’s better to take your time with your recruiter and work on both understanding what you want and wait for the right job rather than rush things.”


Strategies for success

Constantly seeking challenges and learning opportunities has been at the core of Lucy’s professional growth. She emphasises the importance of broadening her knowledge by engaging with colleagues across different areas of her company. Her focus remains on team growth and development in her current role.


A recommendation for the ages

In closing, Lucy shares her experience working with James: “James is by far one of the best recruiters I have worked with and would 100% recommend him to anyone.”

Lucy’s journey through the eCommerce and marketing world is a testament to the importance of confidence, support, and the right career partnership. Her story is an inspiration for anyone navigating the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing.

If like Lucy you’re looking to level-up your career, please get in touch with us to discuss possible roles that may be your ideal next career move.