Here is a selection of glowing testimonials from valued clients and the incredible candidates that I work with.

Clients — Candidates

— Clients

“James’ big advantage over other recruiters is that he is well connected from working agency-side. That experience also means he really understands what you need.
Another thing I like about him is that he vets potential candidates not just for skill but also for attitude and cultural fit – both of which are equally important. If you’re pushed for time or have a particularly tricky role to fill, give him a go.”

James Sandford, Cofounder and MD, Propellernet

“James is relentless in his search for the right candidates and thanks to his vast experience in digital, he rarely fails to deliver.”

Laura Hampton, ex Head of Digital PR, Impression Digital

“James has been a great support for recruitment during a challenging market at the moment. He's very
well connected, always quick to respond and knows exactly the type of candidates that we need to
speak to. I would highly recommend and look forward to continuing working with him in future”

Charlotte Wheeler, Talent Advisor, Verb Brands

“James focuses on quality over quantity when it comes to CVs. He is extremely good at knowing when
quality candidates are looking for their next move which is why we come to him time and time again.”

Chris Ailey, CEO, Honcho Search

“James is discreet, professional and very communicative. His long tenure as a marketer is
what sets him apart. He understands the roles and speaks the same language as
candidates. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.”

Gareth Hoyle, Founder , Marketing Signals

“The great thing about working with James is that with really extensive experience in digital
marketing, he genuinely knows what you need better than you do because he’s been doing
your job better than you have. It’s like having a mentor and recruiter for one simple price.”

Simon Wharton, Cofounder , Push On Digital

“James is one of the most responsive and down to earth recruiters I’ve worked with, and he’s great at keeping both the client and the candidate up to speed with as much detail as he has. It’s quality over quantity too - he knows his stuff having worked in the industry prior to recruiting for it which is great as he’s well networked and understands what’s needed beyond the job description.”

Rob Murray, Senior Talent Manager, What’s Possible Group

“James is all about quality. He won’t waste your time with average CVs, he only ever fulfils the brief with top, relevant candidates.”

Paul Rogers, Founder, Vervaunt

“James is more than a recruiter; he offers fantastic market insight and is always on hand to offer advice and strategy on our roles without always wanting something in return.”

Tom Shurville, Founder, Distinctly Digital

“James’ personal digital network rivals that of the so called ‘large’ media recruitment agencies. He has access to people that wouldn’t ever engage with regular recruiters.”

Pete Campbell, Kaizen Search

— Candidates

“James has been absolutely amazing at finding me the perfect role. He was honest and
reassuring, checking up on me regularly to ensure I was both prepared and confident for interviews, whilst constantly offering any further support if I needed it. Even after the whole interview process was completed, he was constantly giving updates and it showed how much he cared about getting me in to a role that was right for me, and when I actually got the job - he even went out of his way to send me congratulatory flowers! I wouldn't hesitate at all in recommending James as there’s absolutely no doubt that he'll ensure you're not only placed into the perfect role, but you’re well looked after throughout the whole process too!

Saaeda Arif, SEO Executive, Bensons for Beds

“James was a fantastic help in finding me a new position. His experience in the industry helped reassure both myself and the company that was hiring me that he was able to not just be a middle-man, but actually provide an informed opinion on the quality of the candidate and job he was connecting. I’d recommend anyone looking for a placement to speak to him as his network and experience provide you with unrivalled opportunities.”

Alex Cassidy, Head of Digital PR, Honcho Search

“It was clear from the start that James knows his clients extremely well and puts the effort into getting to know potential candidates just as well. This is something that goes a long way. He genuinely cares about finding the right fit and was a huge support throughout the process - from the first chat to even checking in months down the line. Nothing was ever too big an ask, and he’s refreshingly honest which always came across as genuine and knowledgeable. I would 110% recommend James to anybody either looking for their next role or looking to fill one, as he will find it!”

Isadora Cook, Paid Social Specialist, Propellernet

“To put it simply James is amazing at what he does! Over the last few months I’ve been in touch with a few recruiters but none were as attentive and helpful as James. Fast forward a few months and not only am I in a role that I most likely wouldn’t have considered myself ‘ready’ for but I’m also in a new role where I’m really happy and meets all my goals, as well as ticking all the boxes thanks to him.”

Yossy Akinsanya, Marketing Content Specialist, Marketing Signals

“James took his time to listen to exactly what kind of role I wanted and the experience I had. This was beneficial as he was able to find roles that truly suited me. He didn’t just deliver on finding exciting job opportunities but he was also very transparent throughout the whole job hunting process.
He has a sound knowledge of the Digital PR landscape and this makes him well suited to recruiting in such a niche but rapidly growing industry.
I also appreciated his support throughout the interview stages and his ongoing positive attitude. It was a pleasure to work with James.
I also appreciated his support throughout the interview stages and his ongoing positive attitude. It was a pleasure to work with James.”

Lekha Mohanlal, Digital PR Manager, Yard Digital

“James found a great role for me. He was always on hand to answer questions or concerns. He has a very open and honest approach to everything and is incredibly approachable. I’m looking forward to an ongoing working relationship with James.”

Robert Hornby, Technical Project Manager, V&A Museum

“In my experience, the recruitment process is often long-winded and impersonal. James has created a process that not only makes the client process easier but the candidate feel valuable. His knowledge of the industry is paramount in him making good decisions for all parties involved. His understanding on my needs made me confident in going for roles I would not have considered prior. Could not recommend James enough.”

Aneela Ashraf, Digital PR & Outreach Team Lead, Honcho Search

“James is a recruiter with a genuine understanding and passion for the digital sector, who knows exactly which agencies will be best suited for a candidate based on their experience and vice versa.”

Daniel Sarath, Digital PR Manager, Kaizen Search

“James was very friendly and easy to communicate with. I was interested in a particular role that he was recruiting for, and James quickly gave me an intro to the relevant person. 10 days later I had a job offer. All in all, it was an incredibly easy and efficient process, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend WithFrontier to anyone who is on the lookout for a job in the digital marketing space!”

Charlie Byrne, Senior Paid Search Manager, Peak Ace

“I decided to go freelance at the start of 2020, then Covid threw a spanner in the works. Fortunately, James was instrumental in connecting me with a range of clients during that time and they’ve since grown into longterm work. James is a great help, very well connected and would highly recommend working with him!”

Oli Archibald, Freelance SEO Specialist

“James is the first ever recruiter I’ve worked with who made me, the employee, feel valued and listened to. I’ve lost count of the number of times other recruiters have referred me to an interview without paying attention to what I’m truly looking for in my next role, which always ends up in time wasted for everyone. Working with James was like a breath of fresh air in comparison. It definitely helps that before venturing into recruitment, his working experience is rooted in performance marketing; he truly understands the intricacies of this industry and can spot the right talent for roles of all levels.”

Olivia Lott, Digital PR Director, Pandable

“As a new immigrant in the UK I felt supported since the beginning by James. His knowledge of the PR/marketing industry makes him a great recruiter and an expert in the field. He knows how to find the best candidate, how to keep his clients happy and at the same time how to offer the best advice to potential new employees. I totally recommend him if you are a company interested in hiring new talent or if you are a professional looking for a big turn in your career.”

JD Guariglia, Digital PR Manager, Kaizen

“James has been a pleasure to work with! He communicates efficiently, listens to and respects your job requirements, and has your best interests at heart. I would highly recommend him and reach out to him again for career support.”

Lauren Randell, Paid Search Account Director, Vervaunt

“Meeting James has been a blessing. He has helped me find a fulfilling job on many levels that I would not have discovered or even considered had he not got in touch. Not only did he get me to the interview stage, but he also kept me updated on how the process was going, helping to remove many of the uncertain anxieties that one experiences while applying for a job. I felt that James always had my best interests at heart, and his approachable demeanour made me always feel comfortable asking questions whenever I needed any clarifications.”

Jahan Thakur, Digital Marketing Manager, , LetsDoThis.com

“I had such a great recruitment experience with James! He paid attention to all of my requirements for a new role and his experience in the industry helped him find me the ideal position. I’ve been the Content Strategy Manager at Reboot for 5 months and can honestly say it’s a perfect fit which is all down to James.”

Abi Cox, Head of Content, Reboot Online

“James knows his clients extremely well and puts the effort in to get to know potential candidates just as well, which is something that goes a long way. He genuinely cares about finding the right fit and was a huge support throughout the process, from the first chat to even checking in months down the line. Nothing was ever too big an ask, and he’s refreshingly honest which always came across as genuine and knowledgeable. I would 110% recommend James to anybody either looking for their next role or looking to fill one, as he will find it!”

Rebecca Jackson, Senior SEO Account Manager, Kaizen Search

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